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a year ago

The Fantasy World - and Real Life - of Drew John Ladd

Episode Notes

We’re all writers. I mean, you write an email checking in on a friend, you write a memo on your phone with a great idea for a song lyric or a cool product that should exist, you write a shopping list, you write a passive-aggressive note on the windshield of someone’s poorly-parked car, I mean, who takes up FOUR parking spaces?! Gah!

But what does it take to write a fantasy novel? What kind of relentlessness do you have to be driven by to see that through to the end? And how do you develop the storyline and characters into something special, when there are SO MANY great books, movies, and t.v. shows in the fantasy genre out there already?

Drew John Ladd figured it out for himself with his book, "Wolfsong, Beloved", the first part of a trilogy. We talk about all these questions, and how writing in the fantasy genre can allow an author to say things they never could otherwise, and how critical it is to talk about what it’s like being a gay, Black man in America right now.

And, he talks about how he struggles with the extent to which he lets the intersections of his identity shine through in his writing. You’ll hear.

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