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2 years ago

What Does it Take to Be a Mentor to LBGTQIA+ Young People? Plus, Good Advice for the "Old Gays"

Kids who are on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum have to deal with stuff no one else does. Add race to that mix, and things get even more complicated. So who can kids turn to? Who can parents turn to?

Enter Kamora Herrington, with True Colors. Now, full disclosure, when I began to come out as a teenager 1990’s, it was True Colors where I went to my first support group to meet fellow non-straight people, where I met my first girlfriend, and where I went to my first Queer Prom. So clearly, I am a fan.

Kamora runs True Color’s mentoring program, where she matches kids - babies, as she calls them - with older people who can help. But she’s got a lot of variables to work with - What traits is she looking for in someone who can help? What does help even LOOK like? And what don’t we vintage folk “get” about life as a young human being on this spectrum?

Kamora came over to my house, where we recorded this conversation, which is, you should know, peppered with enthusiastic profanity. Also, you may or may not hear my producer, our cat, Whiskey, in the background.

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