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2 years ago

Leading with Love: Connecticut's Kid Governor, Ella Briggs

Episode Notes

11 year-old Ella Briggs is the 4th Connecticut Kid Governor, a civics program for 5th graders created by the Connecticut Democracy Center. She’s the first Kid Governor who is gay, and thanks to huge advances in our society - and a few painful obstacles in her life so far - LGBTQIA+ issues are central tenants in her work.

You’ll hear how she got elected (spoiler: it was the popular vote!), what it’s been like in the heat of the public eye, who she looks up to, if she has any future political plans, and whether or not being Kid Governor comes with perks! Like a later bedtime.

We met in the Old State House in downtown Hartford, which used to be a capitol building. Her office there is in the same room where our governors sat between 1820 and 1878, the last occupant being Richard D. Hubbard. Since 2016, this big, boomy room has served as the official office for Connecticut's Kid Governors.

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